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What a weird dream

So I woke up this morning with the insane need to exercise. Let me explain.

My sister always compares me to a certain girl from a certain movie. Namely Kelsi from High School Musical. I do not lie. It is the truth. It's because she's klutzy and musical and wears awesome hats/clothes in the first movie. I do kind of dress/look like her. When I saw the first one when I was 15 with my friends, it turned into "OH MY GOD THAT'S KATHY!!!!"

Anyway, that must have been lodged in my subconscious last night because I had a dream. A dream that was not me BEING Kelsi, but a dream that was me auditioning at my high school for the chance to play Kelsi in the upcoming production of High School Musical. Now, this was not for college or even a local theatre. This was for your average female drama instructor at my old high school. So they gave me this page of quotations, including a speech from the Chesire Cat, a song with no accompaniment which I was supposed to sight read and other quotes from really God knows where.

Well, the teacher asked me, "Why didn't you come in during lunch like the announcement said?" I mumbled, "My 4th period class has no speaker." She said, "Oh you must be in the D hall. Okay, go ahead." Apparently, people had signed up for the characters they wanted to play during the lunch period, but for some reason they had to still audition. Some sort of formality I guess.

So I auditioned after this really, truly awful freshman for Kelsi. I did my bit, and I was fairly bad as well. She knew all the stuff and she was still bad, and I was a little better and I was sight reading. Of course, because she had signed up for Kesi before me, she had priority. I was given the role of Martha. The hip-hop dance girl. I love what the teacher said to me afterwards.

"I wanted a plus sized girl to play Martha, but you're enough of an outsider that it just might work. Plus, with your look, you can pull off awkward well."

What's great about this dream though, is it was like the Wizard of Oz. Everyone was there. The mean girl from the 5th floor. Ryan from the swim team. Emily Bennett consoled me afterward. Mostly, it was my new friends from the Scholars program that weren't there. Weird. Maybe because they are a pretty big part of my life right now, but they haven't been a big part for very long.

It's either because I was aggravated or just because this lady wanted me to be a bit rounder that I wanted to run around Lake Merced. Actually, I'm getting the free gym membership today. And I did about 200 crunches about 10 minutes ago. Stupid dream people. Also, before this dream, I had a dream that we went down to some sort of underground place where Emily had left her keys there and it was weird and there fungus people. This is what dining hall food does to a person.
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