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MINE LEGGIES?!?!?!!!!!!!!

I thought it would be a good idea to get some exercisin' in. I though "4.4 miles around a paved lake path! NO PROBLEM!" Well, I was dead wrong. I mean it was a good idea, and my roommate helped me work out some of the safety stuff like bring a cellphone, my keys, I.D. card, pepper spray, the whole shebang. Basically, I learned how much I CAN'T RUN. I made it about 4 miles and then I was all HELL NAH and ended up basically walking the rest of the way back to my dorm. In retrospect, that was a fantastic idea. It cooled my body down a little, because I really pushed myself. And strangely enough, I enjoyed kicking my own butt. And I'm going to the gym after my friend leaves. Oh yeah, my friend Caitlin is coming to visit today, and she may be bringing her friend Kelly. I don't rightly know. But back to my exercising. I know, me exercising through a medium that isn't wet. (Besides the sweat. SWEET JESUS I was sweaty. It reminded me of why I swim. When you're soaking wet, no one can see you sweat. And because my face would less red.) What a shocker.

So in the parentheses I mentioned that I get sweaty, gross, red and I lose all my natural charm. BLASPHEMY some might say. Well, gentle reader, it is true. Dripping and dragging my dilapidated personage back to the comfort of my dorm, I came upon a small group of people. In that small group of people was my friend Lorenzo. Now, some of you kind, kind readers have not seen me interact with Lorenzo. Let me think of a good example. Just for reference, I do consider him a very close friend. I'm trying to think of a good example. All I can think of is Cordelia and Xander from Buffy. And in this situation, it's more like we both have Willow and Oz's intelligence, but we just go at it like Cordelia and Xander during Season 2. Before the whole making out in closets thing. God I'm a geek.

Well, he said to me "I almost didn't recognize you." And being the witty, charming, lovely girl that I am I said, "Why? Because I'm sweaty and disgusting? And because my hair's up and you can see my legs?" Good show, Kathy. Fantastic really. He awkwardly laughed and said, "Um uh yeah." I think he did anyway. I didn't stop to listen, because I was too mortified and exhausted. Which made my blotchy red face only go redder. What a good day.
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