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My new Addiction

I just got addicted to webcomics. I mean, I was fairly addicted before, but now, I'm on to waking up every morning and twitching a bit until I get my webcomic fix. I started writing stories for like 4 of my own, which are all in the process. I'll just record those here. Most of them are still in the nailing out the details, but I've inked up to 8 pages for one, one strip for another, wrote part of the script for one and the other is still just an idea. Yes, this part of the entry is just shameless self-promotion. But you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

The Library
Pages for this one are already uploaded on my deviantart. They aren't inked super well because I used a ball point pen, so the lines turned out weird. I started this one junior year of high school, and I kind of abandoned it, but I still have the story in my head and in my heart. It's all about the power of knowledge and informed decisions, and the consequences of those actions. This one is definitely a fantasy/adventure thing.

Working Title

EDIT NOW LIVE. POSTED AS WEST PORTAL. This one I shall be posting on probably Monday at Webcomics nation (link shall be provided at a later time.) The only problem I'm working with NOW that I didn't have working with the Library is I don't have editing software yet. I'm getting a tablet shortly, along with Photoshop, but right now I'm going to do it all by hand, which includes lettering. This one is less about the story and more about the setting and characters. It's based in my current neighborhood, actually, in San Francisco, called the Sunset. It's about a haunted townhouse and how its new occupants are getting along with the old ones. This one is a ... buddy comedy? We'll see what develops. I know vaguely where I want this story to go, but I don't see it as having a definite ending like the other.

This one I need help on. I listen to my ipod on the way to class everyday, and recently (probably due to the volume of comics I've been reading) I see a panel by panel... music video I guess. Only to some songs though, and I want to try this out later (which is one reason I'm writing it down right now so I don't forget.)

Another idea I got, but THIS one I got in the shower. Go me. So, my roommate worked for the No on 8 campaign, and we were discussing the LGBT community, and how imperative it was for both the straight community and for the queer community to have labels on what you are, and that bisexuals and pansexuals don't really fit in either. So I got this idea of someone trying to get through a door that says LGBT on it as a bisexual and being, generally, refused and then going to the straight door and also being refused, but for the same reasons as the queer door, showing that labels are important to everyone, and they shouldn't really be.

Here ends MY in work ideas.

Now for my current favorite webcomics. Yes, another cut. This is one long entry.

Most of these are fairly adult content so...be careful!
Menage à 3
Very cute webcomic that is definitely ...um... racy? It's about a young man who's current roommates are moving out so they can be alone together, and how he adjusts to his two new ones. I definitely think the biggest draw for the comic for me is Gary, the main character, and all the stuff we learn about how he became the wonderful introvert he is.

Questionable Content
Mature-ish readers recommended
If you haven't read this comic that sheds light on the hipster community with crazy humor and increasingly good art, then I'm sorry. I think this comic was the first I've ever read, thanks to my sister. Above all, Jeph Jacques is fantastic.

Girls with Slingshots
Again, mature-ish readers
I can totally identify with the main character, accept for the whole English major thing. But most of the prickly parts of personality are definitely part of mine. And the rest of this cast are fantastic, making this a great ensemble comic. And making me happy to read it.

Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun
There are some mature themes, but she's a nun and all that entails. I'm thinking PG or PG-13.
Cute! This art looks just like the Power Puff girls! I must say, I love this comic with the perky heroine and her crazy trials and tribulations. It's still in the beginning of the story, so I can only see it getting better from here.

Dramatic, but you don't need to be super mature to read it
Another Bobby Crosby comic that I've fallen in love with. It all started with Marry Me and kept going through his other comics. I totally geek'd out when I met him at Wondercon. No lie. Well, this comic is still in the earliest stages of story, but what a story it shall be. I love the art done by Sarah Ellerton. One of her comics is actually on this list as well.

Hell Hotel
Yeah, yeah, yeah, mature-ish readers
This comic is funny as...well... I think you get it. It's about Lucifer's kid opening an inn reminiscent on the Bates Motel, but much funnier. All I have to say about it.

The Phoenix Requiem
Family Friendly!
A good story and great art make this fantasy comic by Sarah Ellerton... fantastic! Last time I checked, this one was on the top of the Top Webcomics list, and for very good reason. The story twists and turns, the characters are fun but also well developed. Also, the main male character, Jonas, is cute. My roommate agrees!

Bite Me
Hmmm, no cursing, but some implied sexual content. You make the call.
This comic is actually already finished and all in archives, but that means you can (like me) read it all in one shot. Luckily this artist, Dylan Meconis, is still working and has another comic that I adore called Family Man which is just getting warmed up. You can also find more of her work on her website . She's fairly awesome.

Oh boy does this have some adult content.
This is the arguably the best autobiographical comic I've read so far. It's up there with Blankets for me. Erika Moen, the author/artist, is funny, heart breaking and inspirational, and just gross enough to be entertaining. I now know there is a woman prouder of her farts than I am of mine. Also, I love her relationship with her husband. Much cuteness. Her online portfolio can be found here.

And last but not least

Dreamland Chronicles
The story = epic. The art = adorably awesome. This is possibly one of the most well known webcomics online and for very good reason. My sister made me fall completely in love with it. The artist is suffering from a back injury right now and is planning on taking a break after this chapter is done, but there's plenty of archives to catch up on, which you definitely will want to do.

Yay done!
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