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Please Don't Pinch Me, but I Ain't Wearing Green

I'm not Irish.
Here's where that becomes funny.

In sunlight, my hair can have red highlights.

My eyes are green hazel.

My name is Kathleen.

I have freckles.

I've been mistaken for Irish on Saint Patrick's Day more than I can count, but I'm not Irish. So I'm not celebrating St. Patrick's Day for a country I have limited connection to.

St. Patrick and I do have a familial connection, however. Homeboy wasn't Irish originally, according to Wikipedia. He was Welsh, like me. He was stolen from Wales and made a slave in Ireland. And he seems to have been, like most Christians of his time who were connected with monasteries, well educated. They have two letters which are definitely his work, both in Latin. In that respect, I think he's a pretty chill guy.

Here's some more fun facts about St. Patrick. He was supposed to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. As far as I recall from geology and geography lessons, Ireland isn't warm. And snakes are cold blooded. Many suspect that he didn't physically drive the snakes out, but drove the metaphorical snakes out. Instead, it was seen that he drove out those who would make Christians sin again, referring to the snake in the Garden of Eden. There were a group of people called Pelagianists who believed that people can chose between good and evil and had full responsibility for every sin. It also could have meant he drove out the Druids and their pesky beards and rocks, who also were once symbolized as snakes. Oh metaphors, how I love thee. Still, his educating of the people using shamrocks to display the holy trinity (all things coming from one stem, pretty cool huh?) to me is interesting, and most saint stories are kind of... well, exaggerated sometimes. More like (and please don't shoot me for this) people take metaphors and make them literal.

Anyway, I like most of what St. Patrick's Day should stand for, with the protection of a country and educating of the masses, but I will not celebrate it in the average college fashion. I'm not going to go chug Guinness, paint my hair/body green and parade around like a complete idiot. I've noticed that, in college, people use holidays that they don't even celebrate as a way to make drunken debauchery seem like an okay thing. Next thing you know, Arbor Day is going to be all beer pong and orgies.

In conclusion, if there is one, I'm not Irish, and I'm not celebrating what is actually sometimes referred to as the Irish equivalent of Thanksgiving. I do wish for good luck, but I don't think wearing green or being pinched is the way to get it. I'm just going to salute a great Welsh man by not buying into a day where people don't really remember him.

And as I'm writing this, I look down and realize I'm wearing green PJ bottoms. Well, there goes that argument.

Oh, and about the song, I have iTunes on shuffle. And I just started grooving and left it on.
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